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Modern Builder Vault: Martin Keith Guitars
Premier Guitar Magazine, December 2012
Having worked in Veillette's shop since 2000, and more recently as a shop assistant with Ken Parker's operation, Martin Keith certainly has been blessed with the lutherie equivalent of an Ivy League education.
Low-end Boutique
Fine Living Lancaster, July 2012
When you hear the word "boutique" your thoughts will naturally wander to a small store with kitschy items or more likely, high-end fashions. For the musicians though, boutique means something else: handcrafted musical instruments.
Chasing the 'vibe'
Ulster Magazine, June 2012
While model names and basic body styles remain the same, each Martin Keith instrument is a new departure toward the tonal holy grail that players refer to as "vibe."
Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase 2011
Fretboard Journal, Fall 2011
Visiting the Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase (held October 22 and 23, 2011) is like spending a weekend in a candy shop.
Something Borrowed
Fretboard Journal, Winter 2010
Ten Years Ago, Martin Keith answered an ad in the Woodstock Times. Guitar maker Joe Veillette was looking for an apprentice, and, since Keith had been rewiring junky guitars at home and "burning holes in my bedroom floor with a soldering iron", he decided to apply.
Martin Keith Elfin Basses
Bass Player Magazine, June 2010
The Martin Keith basses are an excellent addition to the boutique bass marketplace. They have a player-focused design that's extensively customizable, and offer an opportunity to partner with a builder that thinks creatively about achieving musical goals.