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Leo 4-string - Gloss Black

Elfin 5-string, Blue Quilt

Auriole 16.5", "Black Kat"

MK-OM, Curly Mahogany/Adirondack

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The "Leo" is a true hybrid - a modern shape and style, combined with a very vintage-influenced look and sound.

The "Leo" shares the same shape as the Elfin bass, but with fewer frets (22 vs. 24), and a pickguard.

The pickups are classic J-style single coils, with a passive Volume/Blend/Tone circuit that feels instantly familiar. Extra internal shielding on the pickups and control cavity make this exceptionally quiet, even with single-coils.

Solid colors and bursts look fantastic on this design, and a range of many different pickguard materials is also available.

Leo 4-string - Gloss Black
This Glossy Black Leo gets a little added 'flash' from the shiny chrome hardware and black pearloid pickguard.

The cocobolo fingerboard warms up the naturally bright sound of the ash body, for a very full-sounding bass with plenty of natural clarity, but no harshness or 'click'.

Nordstrand single-coil pickups, specially shielded for minimum noise, carry the vintage recipe even further.

This bass is at home in any genre of music - from classic blues/R&B to aggressive rock and even jazz/fusion. The proven formula of the last 40 years - updated for comfort, speed, and light weight!

This instrument is available
The LowEnd, Murfreesboro TN
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