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Leo 4-string - Gloss Black

Elfin 5-string, Blue Quilt

Auriole 16.5", "Black Kat"

MK-OM, Curly Mahogany/Adirondack

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My most popular shape - the Elfin is a slightly-downsized take on the popular "Singlecut" style, originally pioneered by Fodera Guitars and Kenneth Lawrence.

This compact-bodied shape is shortened, for full access to all 24 frets. The shape 'hugs' the player and nestles into a very comfortable playing position, standing or seated.

The extended upper bout supports the neck heel further than a usual double-cutaway body, allowing more contact between body and neck, and making the neck more rigid by shortening the unsupported section. A more rigid neck translates into a faster, more responsive attack, longer sustain, and deeper bass.

The size also makes this model well-suited for heavier, denser body woods such as Hard Ash, heavier Walnut, and even Maple, allowing the player access to the tones of those woods without the excessive weight.

Available in 4, 5, and 6 strings.

Elfin 5-string, Blue Quilt
This Elfin 5-string is a lightweight bass with a very heavyweight tone.

The resonant poplar body is capped with a beautiful 3-D quilted maple top, finished in a transparent blue with hints of green, which makes the top look like shimmering ocean water.

The neck is 3-piece maple with black accent veneers, and has extensive carbon reinforcement inside for extra strength and stability. The added rigidity creates very deep bass notes and excellent sustain. A wenge fingerboard adds definition and focus to each note.

This bass is equipped with Aguilar DCB pickups and an OBP-1 preamp - an extremely powerful combination. The DCB pickups have a naturally aggressive and 'cutting' midrange, along with an almost "MM"-like treble snap. The OBP-1 offers very broad treble and bass boost - this bass starts at "10" and goes up from there.

At 7.7 lbs, this is an "all-night" bass with the comfort and balance to keep your back and shoulders happy - and tone that will make itself heard over anything!

This instrument is available
The LowEnd, Murfreesboro TN
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