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My most popular shape - the Elfin is a slightly-downsized take on the popular "Singlecut" style, originally pioneered by Fodera Guitars and Kenneth Lawrence.

This compact-bodied shape is shortened, for full access to all 24 frets. The shape 'hugs' the player and nestles into a very comfortable playing position, standing or seated.

The extended upper bout supports the neck heel further than a usual double-cutaway body, allowing more contact between body and neck, and making the neck more rigid by shortening the unsupported section. A more rigid neck translates into a faster, more responsive attack, longer sustain, and deeper bass.

The size also makes this model well-suited for heavier, denser body woods such as Hard Ash, heavier Walnut, and even Maple, allowing the player access to the tones of those woods without the excessive weight.

Available in 4, 5, and 6 strings.

Elfin 5 - Birdseye top with matching pickups!
This stunning Elfin 5 has a whole lot going on - both outside and inside!

The gorgeous birdseye maple face is complemented by a pair of grain-matched wooden pickup covers, which flow seamlessly with the natural lines in the top, as if they were "lifted" straight up out of the surface. A beautiful African Mahogany back gives warmth and depth to balance the snap of the maple top, yielding a very wide and musical frequency response.

The neck on this bass is very special - what appears to be solid maple is actually an outer shell. Inside that shell, there is a core of quartersawn redwood and a C-shaped layer of carbon fiber. This results in a lighter neck than solid maple, with excellent stiffness and incredible tone - the bass is solid and deep, the treble extends very high with a natural 'sparkle', and the midrange is vibrant and "juicy" in a way you just don't hear with 1-piece necks.

The pickups are Duncan J-style single-coils, matched with passive wiring. The Tone control is the excellent Stellartone unit, with 16 different positions, as well as non-loading true bypass. Together with the vintage-style bent-plate bridge, this produces a familiar contour and range of tones, naturally extended and enhanced by the woods and construction.

This bass is the prototype for this method of neck construction, and I am thrilled with the result. This will be the first of many!
More variations of the Elfin

Elfin 4 - Walnut/Katalox

Elfin 4 fretless, inlay top

Elfin 4-string, Ferrari Yellow

Elfin 4-string, Flamed Redwood

Elfin 4-string, Red-on-Black

Elfin 4-string, Spalted Maple top

Elfin 5 - AAA flamed English Maple

Elfin 5 - Birdseye top with matching pickups!

Elfin 5 - Mahogany/Katalox custom

Elfin 5 - Striped Myrtle

Elfin 5, "Rose" Spalted Maple top

Elfin 5, Birdseye Maple top!

Elfin 5-string - British Racing Green!

Elfin 5-string - English Maple top

Elfin 5-string - Myrtle burl top

Elfin 5-string, "Modern P-style"

Elfin 5-string, Blue Quilt

Elfin 5-strings - Tuxedo Black/White