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This shape was designed for a very intimate, close feel against the body - the narrow waist and lower bout lay low in the lap for seated playing, and minimize the weight when standing up.

This body shape fits best with shorter 21-22 fret necks. The hanging points are actually quite similar to many well-known instruments, but without the extra width (and weight).

The Sylph shape also offers excellent balance, and is an excellent choice for an extremely lightweight body wood, since the design will compensate and offset any potential "neck dive".

Available in 4-string or 5-string.

Sylph 5-string, Ash body
This Sylph 5-string is the classic ash/maple mix, given a more modern voice with a pair of Nordstrand Dual Coil pickups.

More variations of the Sylph

Sylph 4-string, Ash body, Smoke finish

Sylph 4-string, Flame Walnut

Sylph 5-string, Ambrosia Maple top

Sylph 5-string, Ash body