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Elfin Plus
This shape is a 'scaled-up' version of my Elfin design.

Players who are very used to traditionally shaped basses will find the contact and balance points very similar on the Elfin Plus.

The larger body and 12th fret strap hanging point let this bass balance beautifully, even with extremely lightweight body woods.

This is also a great choice for chambered or semi-hollow instruments, allowing a larger air chamber and lighter weight without compromising the balance.

Elfin Plus Custom - Dakota Red
This Elfin Plus really demands attention - the high-gloss Dakota Red finish is bold and beautiful, especially offset with the polished chrome hardware.

The eye-catching look is perfectly matched to a very powerful sound - the custom pickup covers conceal an MM-style bridge pickup, nestled right next to a P-style neck pickup, all in one large route.

While each of these pickups on their own does a very convincing impression of the "originals", the combination is something very new and pretty incredible - this is a downright dangerous bass for rock, funk, or any style where the bass can step forward and get some glory.

An ash body is the perfect choice for this, and the rosewood fingerboard gives it a little bit of warmth to balance everything out.

The Noll preamp (available by request) had all the bells and whistles, and gives this already-flexible bass even more tonal options. There's almost nothing this instrument can't do - except maybe fade into the background.
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Elfin Plus Custom - Dakota Red

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