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Elfin Plus
This shape is a 'scaled-up' version of my Elfin design.

Players who are very used to traditionally shaped basses will find the contact and balance points very similar on the Elfin Plus.

The larger body and 12th fret strap hanging point let this bass balance beautifully, even with extremely lightweight body woods.

This is also a great choice for chambered or semi-hollow instruments, allowing a larger air chamber and lighter weight without compromising the balance.

Elfin Plus Custom 5 - Green Flame
This Elfin Plus is packed with custom features!

The 35" scale Katalox fingerboard adds extra tension and clarity to the lowest notes, and also meshes perfectly with the green stain on the body and headpiece - a perfect color combination!

The dual Nordstrand FS pickups are concealed beneath an adjustable "ramp" which also serves as a finger rest, for accurate high-speed playing. Bookmatched from Katalox to match the fingerboard, this ramp adds a unique visual touch along with the player's requested functionality.

An Aguilar 3-band EQ features a mid-frequency switch - this preamp has an amazing range of boost and control. This bass makes just about any modern bass tone!
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Elfin Plus 5-string - Flame Koa

Elfin Plus Custom - Dakota Red

Elfin Plus Custom 5 - Green Flame