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Elfin Hollowbody

The Elfin Hollowbody is my version of an electric hollowbody, with many differences that set it apart.

Built like a true acoustic instrument, the Elfin Hollowbody has bent sides and braced top and back. The large apertures in the sides "deconstruct" the guitar visually, allowing the player to interact visually with the inside of the guitar as well as the exterior.

The top bracing is designed to flex and absorb energy in a similar way to a full-sized acoustic top - the result is a tone, attack, and sustain envelope that very closely approximate a larger acoustic instrument. Feedback is greatly reduced compared to a larger guitar, and the small, slim body is comfortable and compact for travel, fitting in a standard electric guitar gig bag.

A multitude of pickup options, from piezo/acoustic to straight magnetic, can make this guitar suitable for any style from straight-ahead jazz to folk, complex acoustic fingerstyle, or modern acoustic rock.

Built with a bolt-on neck, the Elfin Hollowbody is easily adjustable for action, and simple to maintain.

Many different back/side woods are available.

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Elfin Hollowbody, Curly Maple

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