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The Auriole acoustic guitar represents a long process of design, experimenting, and decision-making.

The objective was to build a guitar whose sound was different and unique, in a way that was immediately useful to a broad range of players. Instead of a variation on existing guitar designs, the Auriole is intended to be a valid alternative for the player whose needs are not met by the classics.

Lessons learned from building, repairing, and/or researching flattop guitars, as well as archtop instruments (from guitars to upright basses), have led me to a design which is a synthesis of both schools.

Low notes speak with authority and power, and the low E string is as clear and defined as the rest. Unlike traditional D-style instruments, the bass is never "boomy" or overpowering - it remains well-defined and well-integrated with the guitar's voice.

Combining the fast, crisp, and articulate response of a fine archtop with the power and bass of the best flattops, the Auriole offers a hybrid voice that works beautifully for nearly any style of music.

Auriole 15.4", "Old Soul"
This Auriole is the first in a new series of 15.4" guitars, designed to appeal to jazz, fingerstyle and solo players.

The nickname "Old Soul" comes from the long backstory of the materials used for this instrument.

The top is old-growth Redwood, salvaged from a 100+year old railroad trestle bridge. Resawn into tops, this redwood had a stiffness and tonal depth I rarely encounter in redwood (or any material, for that matter!) After a century of seasoning, this wood is as seasoned as it could possibly be - and the result is a new guitar with a voice that already sounds played-in and well-established. To echo the natural red-brown of this exceptional top, the purfling lines are done in red.

The beautiful ebony fingerboard also has some history - this piece came through the Gibson factory in the mid 1960s, and was put aside for being too colorful - at the time, they were only using completely black material. 50 years later, it completed its journey as a fingerboard on this special instrument.

The back and sides on "Old Soul" are stunning Macassar Ebony, with rare flame/curl figure and a beautiful balance of light and dark colors. This wood is hard to find in quality, and this set is particularly striking. The ebony box delivers a very broad, full-range tonality with vibrant, vocal-like midrange and a natural sparkle. Combined with the redwood top, this guitar has lush and sustaining overtones, exceptional balance across its entire range, and surprising volume for its medium-sized body.
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