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What's New at Martin Keith Guitars

Big Website Update!
February 6, 2012

It's a new year - what better time to introduce a new an improved website?

This latest web update has been in the works for a while, and I'm thrilled to have it up and running.

The biggest news, without a doubt, is the introduction of my line of guitars.  These instruments are the result of a long and careful process of design and prototyping, and will be a primary focus for continuing development in 2012.  There are many special and unique details involved with these instruments, and the "Guitars" pages will soon include more about all of those.

I've also added:

-A "Players" page, with pictures and testimonials from some satisfied clients

-An "Audio & Video" page, featuring various demo and performance clips featuring the instruments

-A new article from Fretboard Journal

-Sharing buttons for Facebook and other social media - click the buttons on the left and let your friends know you were here!

-New basses in the Basses galleries

-...and several other little improvements to make the site even more fun!


The new year will also bring more frequent updates to this "What's New" page - everything from shop snaps to "pinups" of completed instruments, sneak previews of new developments, and anything else that's "fit to print".  Stay tuned!

New dealer - Premier Bass Guitars in CO!
December 15, 2011

I'm thrilled to announce a new dealer, Premier Bass Guitars in Superior, CO.

Premier is truly a full-service store, carrying everything from top-shelf basses and amps to cables, strings, effects, and accessories.  Furthermore, they also offer lessons and just about everything else you could ever need or want from a music shop.

Owner Dan Basica has a very wide range of extremely high-quality gear on display, including two gorgeous Elfin 5-string basses - a fretted and a fretless.

If you're anywhere nearby, definitely make the trip to visit this incredible new shop and play some beautiful basses!

Dan also has a fully featured website (with shopping cart...hint, hint!), so you can browse all the bass goodness from anywhere:


A new Elfin bass with the hybrid/composite neck design will be en route to Premier shortly - stay tuned!

The big Fall update...
November 2, 2011

Well, it's been quite a busy and brisk Fall, with many new things in the works!


First of all - many thanks to everyone who came to visit at the Woodstock Invitational Luthier's Showcase last weekend!

I had a great time exhibiting and met some wonderful folks.


Many thanks also to Fretboard Journal's Michael Eck for including me in his coverage of this terriffic event:


A few updates ago, I promised a look at a "very special 6-string"...

Well, it's finally done, and it is really a beauty!

This "multiscale" 6-string bass has a 33" high C scale, stretching to a 36" low B.

The electronics are as custom as it gets, featuring both active and passive tone controls, and a built-in stereo headphone amp with auxiliary input for music to play along with!

The extra-long scale gives the low notes amazing depth, clarity, and integrity.  This instrument has a clear and unified voice from bottom to top, and the "beyond-deluxe" electronics package make it capable of just about every possible sound.


There's one more big piece of news coming soon - as soon as I take the picture!  Stay will be here very soon!


An exciting development - the prototype is done!
July 10, 2011

I've received a lot of interest and questions about the neck project I previewed below... and nobody has been more anxious than I have to hear the finished product.'s finally done, and I am thrilled with the result!

First, a quick snapshot of the finished bass:

Martin Keith Elfin 5-string Birdseye MapleThe African Mahogany body and Birdseye Maple top are pretty conventional, since I wanted to hear what changes the new neck approach would make.

Tonally, this neck is really making me happy.  The low frequencies are strong, cohesive, and very clear, midrange is complex and musical, and the treble is clean and bright without any harshness.

The balance is also noticeably better than a standard instrument, since this neck is significantly lighter.


Without a doubt, this will be something I begin to offer on a regular basis.  The tone and light weight definitely justify the extra work and cost.

This prototype is available for sale - please contact me if you're interested.



Elfin on the Tonight Show - video edition!
February 9, 2011

Here it is, courtesy of Nicholas D'Amato - the Elfin's national TV appearance on Leno's Tonight Show, with the incredible LIzz Wright!



What a great singer and a wonderful band....the bass sounds pretty good too! Enjoy.

Another NAMM beauty...
January 27, 2011

Life is finally back to normal after the NAMM craziness earlier this month...

Snowstorms, delayed flights, and missing luggage - but it was all worth it,

since the show was great fun!


For those that weren't able to make it, here's a look at one of the NAMM show pieces from this year:

This Elfin 5-string has a gorgeous spalted maple top (the sister top to the 4-string bass pictured below).

Electronically, it's as simple and beautiful as it can be: 1 passive Citron HB pickup, a volume control, and a jack.  All the tone, punch, and sensitivity is built-in - no EQ required.

The African Mahogany body is a little thicker, for more depth and low end.

A lightly flamed maple neck with lined fretless Katalox fingerboard gives this bass a quick, responsive, and singing voice - this one really feels alive.

For a bit of extra 'flash' the mahogany headpiece is capped front and back with matching spalted maple, with black pinstripe accents...very classy.


This bass just arrived home from California, and is available!